Masking the Problem

Mjoll the Lioness: Why can’t I have a black mask?

Agent Lurren: Can’t do, sorry. Forzane needs them.

Nikolai: You are wearing one.

Agent Lurren: He didn’t need this one. It’s a DNA sample.

Lendel Serveri: You expect me to believe that?

Mjoll the Lioness: Just like the cloak, you won’t share the mask either.

Talon: Can I have a brown mask? Anything but bright green?

Nikolai: Well, I did see her sneeze into it.

Lendel Serveri: Wiped her nose on the cloak, too.

Mjoll the Lioness: To call this a group is ridiculous. How can people who would lie for one another over a mask and cloak be considered part of an association?

Talon: Even blue would be better. White perhaps?

Agent Lurren: Thrynn, you want to help me out here?

Thrynn: I got your back.