Dropping Like Maidens

Winston raced into Indigoblade’s oval office waving a newly delivered letter. “I have a message for you, sir.”

“Proof right there that the Skyrim courier service is top-notch. Can’t go around accusing failures in the system without proof!” Indigoblade polished a corner of his juniper berry desk, “What is the message?”

“It comes from the Mod Maidens in response to your letter of condolences.” Winston snapped his wrist once and the letter flipped open then prepared it for reading.

“Probably another resume to replace the last lovely maiden we lost.” Indigoblade shook his head sadly while cheering for their continued support, “They are true soldiers! Chin up and forward march for them all the way”

Winston simply nodded as he cleared his throat.

“Dear Indigoblade and Company,

We are mourning over the loss of our beloved Susannah. We told her. We told her the undercover work would kill her. That this was a war of OBIS Hunters and Bandit Lords and we had no part in it. She just wouldn’t hear it.

But there is one slight problem, Mr. Indigoblade, as we received another letter of condolences about a second maiden killed while undercover.

Please don’t try to tell us how this maiden was sent to Whiterun where the skirmishes there have been violent. That some Whiterun Guard needed to know the Stormcloak positions and had some adventurer do the task for him.

We know you sent out a party to scout the area. That our maiden-sister happened upon a large force of adventurers…we are told none of the bandits made it back. Erokia of the Mod Maidens…the undercover OBIS agent was in that bandit party. We needed to be told. Why weren’t we?

Mod Maidens

P.S. Please find enclosed proof of the second maiden’s demise illustrated beautifully in a painting by Aduri.