Last Maiden Voyage

Indigoblade had his hands folded over each other and resting upon his juniper berry desk. He looked at the full room of employees all gathered around him as they waited for his news. “Winston, please prepare a letter of condolences for the loss of our beloved undercover agent who we hired through the Mod Maidens.”

“Very well, sir. I will pen it immediately and send by courier.”

“It’s a shame, isn’t it?” Jebbalon dabbed one corner of his eye.

“Yes, losing Susannah that way.” Indigoblade sighed at the loss.

Tony reminded his chief, “Oh Susannah..don’t you cry for her.”

Indigoblade ignored him and continued. “Headed to the rendezvous spot to pass a message to Agent Lurren when she was ambushed on the bridge. Losing a maiden that way…”

“Wait a minute!” Forzane sat up quickly from the bench he was laying on. “This isn’t about Agent Lurren’s death?”

“Of course not. She is still alive and well.” Indigoblade assured his team.

“I’m getting out of here!” Someone yelled from the back.

“Me, too!” Tony stood up and stormed out of the door.

Jebbalon shrugged and stood up, “Best I go cancel that festival, Jarl Elisif had agreed to it and even for it to be a weekly event. So many were happy at the news.”

Winston waited until the room cleared out under two seconds then turned to his boss. “You know, I heard Alva had something to do with Susannah’s demise. Shall I notify the Jarl?”

“On rumor and gossip? No, that which is unknown can cause unease, even fear. It is to be expected when it comes to Agent Lurren. I always fear what I will hear when she is involved.” His hand waved his butler away.  “Just send the letter to the Mod Maidens along with 100 gold pieces.”