Hawking Tickets

Winston knocked sharply once then entered the oval office. “We received a ticket, sir.”

“Splendid! Splendid, it’s for admission at the College of Winterhold to see that Eye, unlike none other. Maybe I’ll ask Farengar to go with me.” Indigoblade was pleased to get his admission ticket so quickly.

“There is only one issue with that as this comes from Solitude.” Winston informed his boss as he stepped toward the desk.

“Aha! It’s a ticket to a grand ball or another wedding! I get those a lot.”

“Indeed you do.” Winston cleared his voice before proceeding. “This ticket is from the Guards in Solitude.”

“The guards?” Indigoblade reached down to open a drawer where he kept a reserve bottle of Black-Briar Mead.

“Apparently this is a ticket for littering and they wish for you to pay the fine.” Winston stared over at Indigoblade. “The ticket indicates one of your agents has been littering the streets of Solitude with dead hawks. Seeing a woman approach with her weapon drawn makes guards nervous so there is an added fee for their treatment and alchemist visits.”

“There is too much to learn in the world, too much to know, to fight over ‘laws’ that have no real purpose.” The open mead bottle shook at Winston from Indigoblade’s hand.

“Of course, sir.” Winston stood waiting for further orders.

Indigoblade narrowed his eyes at Winston, took a long drink then said.  “Oh all right, we will immediately send out a team to scour the city and secure the dead hawks. Haafingar’s people will always be safe from my agents.”

“Very good, sir. I’m sure the citizens will sleep better knowing that.”