DNA Saved

Winston sat on the backless wooden bench across from Indigoblade’s desk with a locket in his hand. He was extracting a note from the cleverly crafted secret compartment hidden within the locket. “Maven again.”

Indigoblade merely folded his hands upon his desk and waited for latest complaint coming out of Skyrim.

“She provided eyewitness accounts of the current face mask problem within Skyrim along with proof of another issue.” Winston pushed the letter over to Indigoblade with one finger then proceeded with the information. “Maven feels the disputes over the masks have taken a new direction since the vampires now involved won’t back down. Brawls are breaking out around Skyrim over these masks.”

Indigoblade’s eyes glowed at a shield that Agent Lurren never reported before. “I do like that shield and trust that our OBIS agent has sent it in for analyzing?”

Winston replied quickly, “Indeed, sir. The vampire’s hand, the one with magical pink glow to it was holding the shield. Sideways. Like a tray one would see a tavern wench carry. Upon the shield was the mask with a note saying DNA Saved. I took the liberty to check the field code standards.” He stood up and looked down at Indigoblade, “Didn’t Notice Anything. Shield and Vampire Evidence Delivered.”

Indigoblade slowly tapped his fingers atop his desk. “Send it to Forzane to process. And, umm, reply to Maven and let her know we are taking care of things.”

“Very good, sir.”

Bandit Shield