Adonato Leotelli

Adonato Leotelli: Not that the people of Skyrim do much reading. The legends and history of Skyrim made to excite and inspire.

Lurren: Obviously you don’t know Thrynn.

Adonato Leotelli: Poor Giruad Gemane at the Bards College has been waiting for my latest work. 

Lurren: Perhaps a donation would be better if he is poor.

Adonato Leotelli: I’m a writer by trade.

Lurren: Giruad needs to stop trading you. He didn’t read the signs that you are robbing him blind!

Adonato Leotelli: You’re sure? Why don’t you go see Giruad. I’m sure he’ll be happy to give you some training in arts of conversation.. While you are there could you deliver this book to him?

Adonato Leotelli