Sasha Binks and Kudos to LesDoit

We are always lurking around Nexus to what is new, been updated, randomly looking at mods and picking up mods as well. For new mods we look at descriptions and comments to see about featuring it in our support. With so many mods available, it’s hard to feature them all unfortunately. There is a new custom voiced follower mod out that caught our eye  but also a particular comment did as well. We are mentioning this Nexus member because their comment is how we feel as well and they said it so well.

Completely amazing that this is your first mod. Tracked and endorsed, keep on keeping on, you’ll only get better at what you do. So sweet to see people still put their heart into modding this game, looking forward pairing Sasha and Inigo up for some bandit banditing cat-style.

This is a very thoughtful statement and tribute to the modders. Thank you, LesDoit for saying such kind words and Haladoon for creating and sharing your first mod. You are both companions to the Mod Maidens, Shield-Skyrimplayers!

The Nexus Member is LesDoit and the mod is:

Sasha Binks – Custom Voiced Khajiit Follower



Screenshots by Haladoon