No Report, Just a Complaint

“There has been a complaint, sir.” Winston bowed slightly to present the courier’s letter to Indigoblade.

Indigoblade’s eyes flicked between his butler and the letter. “This again?”

“Indeed, sir. It seems one hunter in particular was a bit disturbed about being lied to regarding a situation he was having.” Winston placed the letter on top of the pile of other complaints. “He feels the OBIS agent did not properly handle herself when he was clearly in need of assistance.”

Indigoblade leaned back in his chair and folded his arms. “And Agent Lurren claims she was under attack by rogue mages at the time?”

“Not just rogue mages, sir. She claims they were organized bandit mages and in cahoots with the hunter.” Winston was leaving the oval office and stopped at the door. “The hunter claims she backed up into a campfire. On purpose.”