Face Masks of Skyrim

“Yes. What is it that you want?” Indigoblade closed his journal then folded his hands down over it.

Forzane spoke up first, “We received more evidence from Agent Lurren.”

Indigoblade smiled at the good news, “Ah, splendid. Splendid. It’s actually a miracle she sent anything to us. What do you have?”

“Jeb, be my guest.” Forzane motioned for Jebbalon to put the box on the desk.

Jebbalon stepped forward, put the box down and pushed it over to Indigoblade with one finger.

Indigoblade’s eyes switched between Jebbalon and Forzane then looked toward the box. “What is this?” After opening the box, he carefully lifted out a green mask with two fingers and held it in the air.

“I believe her words were it’s an DNA sample.” Jebbalon shrugged.

The green mask dropped back into the box then the lid replaced on the box. “Good to see she is following procedure in sending reports but I would prefer she kept it to evidence that mattered. Probably just a one time find anyway.”

“Not exactly. She has sent pink ones, blue ones, red ones and..well, you get the idea. All of which she claims as DNA samples.” Forzane stood up to leave. “In other words, we don’t want anymore of her “Didn’t Notice Anything” samples being sent to us.

“I’ll talk to Volvaga0 about it.  On your way then.”

Face Masks of Skyrim



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