No Furniture Activation While Sneaking

Agent Lurren taps Thrynn on the shoulder and whispers, “What are you doing?”

“Sitting at the table.”

“We are sneaking here, you can’t just sit down whenever you feel like it! That’s abominable. Barbaric. I’ll have no part of this. Why didn’t you tell me what you intended?” Her eyes were flashing with anger as she needed to plant that Balmora Blue.

Thrynn grumbled, “How was I to know clicking on the table would force me to sit at it!”

“I knew it! You didn’t spend a perk point into No Furniture Activation While Sneaking!”

“If I wanted a tale about perk spending, I would read a story book.” Thrynn replied while getting back into sneak mode.

No Furniture Activation When Sneaking



Screenshot by CDCooley