Charting It All Out

0105 PIC

Flowchart by Indigoblade

Indigoblade taps at the paper Lurren was holding. “Now, Agent Lurren, as you can see by this flowchart, there are several different groups of bandits within Skyrim you need to work through. Forzane will handle any of the evidence you find and send back. Be sure the couriers know to mark the packages OBIS Loot. I wish to avoid another incident of frozen teeth and salts melting onto my desk. Especially on those stacks of detailed status reports you always send.”

Agent Lurren stared at the madness between her hands. “You expect me to read this?”

“Indeed, Agent Lurren. Remember company policy states clearly that all agents are required to read and follow the rules and regulations set forth by me.” He gave her one of his winning smiles. “I am the boss.”

“You’re the man!” Agent Lurren answered back with a devilish grin on her face.

“Yes, some facts can’t be denied.” He stood up and returned to his desk.  “I trust you will work through the bandit clans to reach the top dogs we are after.”

“What could possibly go wrong? I’ll just cross off each bandit as I find them so be sure to send me charcoal.”

“Socks full of it. “

“So if I am following this chart correctly and no doubt I am. Was Unloyal love Inspired by the Fingers of the Mountain who turned a Blindeye to Knights of the Burning Rose and Women of the Hammer? Or was it Liberated by the Chosen Deceiver who is really a Thalmor Agent?” Lurren flashed a smile at the frowning Indigoblade.

“No, of course not. It’s about the Sapper who is Possessed and about to become a Ghost Knight by talking Crow to the Deathbringer.” He returned a loving smile back to her.

“Told you I was reading it correctly. Well, I’ll be on my way unless of course, the Hexer has another Witch Hunt that a Doomsayer could enrage an Doomrager about.” Lurren was gathering up her belongings to leave.

“Only the Butcher stays Hidden while the Banisher becomes the Weary Dropper.” His right fingers waved bye to the departing agents.

Outside of the Indigoblade’s office Forzane grabbed Agent Lurren’s arm. “What was that about?”

“What was what?”

“That whole thing in there.” He stabbed the air with his thumb over his shoulder toward the closed door.

“That was a meeting with the boss man!” Lurren rightfully declared.

“I know that! That’s it! No OBIS loot for you!”

“Aww, come on….I love those snowberry planters! And those paintings….Forzane!”

Forzane was down the hallway with his hands in the air, “No…we are now just a Fallen Kingdom…Disgraced…Discarded! No loot for you, Goldbreaker and don’t send me any evidence!”

Lurren just waved one hand in the air. “No matter…probably won’t see a single bandit in Skyrim anyway.”