HearthFires Basement

Hearthfire Basement



You will see this basement in many of our screenshots as it’s always in our load orders.

Lots of space with tons of storage along with access to the following:

5 doors to the player houses. (Whiterun, Markarth, Windhelm, Solutide, Riften)
3 doors to the HearthFires homes (Falkreath, Dawnstar, Morthal)
Arch-Mage Quarters – College of Winterhold
Severin Manor – Solstheim
Sky Haven Temple – Skyrim
Ragged Flagon – Riften Ratway

Keys are required for access.
The first section of the HeathFires homes need to be built and the key will be inside by the trapdoor.
Ragged Flagon does not require a key but you need to pick the lock set at Master level.
Works with Dawnguard but this expansion is not required.
HearthFires and Dragonborn expansions are required.

There is a forge, grinding stone, workbench, enchanting table, alchemy table, oven, cooking spit, wood chopping block, smelter, and tanning rack included conveniently located in one area. Lots of storage and multiple rooms.

Please note that if the homes are modified by another mod there could be incompatibilities. Verify the trapdoors are accessible before using the mods together in your game.

It’s a great mod. Many thanks to Creeper.