Ultimate Deadly Encounters


Artwork by GhostAgent

Another fantastic mod that makes the game so much more challenging. We have a lot of respect for Tonycubed2 and GhostAgent. They warmly welcomed the Mod Maidens into their community of fellow modders and have shown great support for us. This is our thanks to you and your team for the hours of challenging battles and rewards within Skyrim.

Ultimate Deadly Encounters

The Way of the Dovahkiin aka Sands of Time

Legendary Edition

The team who worked on this mod:

Tonycubed2 – DiscipleDarkfriend – Darth Vella – Tunaisafish – fg109 – Melooo – Mujuro – DJjojo – Timmy19992 – mV_box – Mujuro – verteiron – Dheu – Spookyfx – Unahu – Slob – Refusedzero – GhostAgent – xilef11 – CrushBoss – FireFreak111 – Jebbalon